10 Last Minute Gift Ideas that Mom Will Love

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Mother’s day is only a few days away and chances are most of you didn’t get time to get Mom something special. No sweat, we got you. This Mother’s Day, why don’t you treat her to a gift you are 100% sure she’ll love and that keeps on giving to your team.

With these last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas, and more money for your team, you'll become mom's favorite!


Starbucks Card

Shop Starbucks card (gives 2%)

Hey hey, we know we got a long list of Starbucks Lovers and we’re sure your Mom is also one of them. Treat her with her favorite drink of the day for an entire week, or month, or year.


Sephora Gift Card

Shop Sephora (gives 3% back)

If your Mom is a beauty lover, you know you can’t simply walk into Sephora and get the first thing you see. She knows what brands and products she loves best, so don't bother figuring it out and get her a gift card! 


Bath and Body Works

Shop Bath & Body Works (Gives 3%)

Does your mom love to pamper herself? The Bath and Body Works will win her heart over. If you want to take it a step further, Bath & Body Works is selling their Mother’s Day limited edition Tote that includes all kinds of spring essentials that Mom will be obsessed with. Plus, you can earn a BONUS +5% until May 12. 


Macy’s Gift Card

Shop Macy's (gives 5%)

For all the fashionistas Moms out there, they’ll love to be treated with a Macy’s gift card. From jewelry to spring wardrobe accents, Mom will feel extra special.


FTD Flowers

Shop FTD Flowers (gives 15%)

“I don’t like flowers.”, said no Mom ever. If you are thinking about gifting flowers to your Mom, you need to check out FTD flowers. They have all kinds of flower arrangements (we are kind of obsessed too) and will deliver the flowers to your Mom’s home or work.

The Cheesecake Factory, Red Lobster and more.

Shop our restaurant collection here

Is your mom a foodie? Thinking about taking her to dinner? Check out our restaurant gift card collection and we guarantee you will find the perfect card for your Mom.



Shop Gap (gives 4%)

The Gap gift card is one of our most loved ones, especially amongst Moms. If she loves effortless and timeless basics, this pick is likely



Shop Barnes & Noble (gives 3% back), Indigo for Canada (gives 15%)

All the parents on our team agree: nothing, absolutely nothing pleases more an avid reader than a Barnes & Nobles gift card. It’s just one of those things you can never get enough of. Buy one for Mom, one for you.



Shop Groupon (gives up to 10% back)

Anything at Groupon really. If there is something that Moms can all agree on, it’s that we love some self-care quiet moments. Manicures, facials, massages, pedicures, skin treatments, you name it, she’ll love it!

AMC Theatre

Shop AMC (gives 2% back) , Cineplex for Canada (gives 3% back)

No special plans for Mother's Day? Most moms only want to spend quality time together, take her to the movies and let her pick. Movie, snacks, VIP experience. It's on you and she will have a good time!

** Gives and Merchants listed in this story are U.S specific and might vary for Canada.

Happy Mother's Day FlipGivers!