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Get the most out of your fundraising efforts this season

Sep 09 2021

Alam, FlipGive’s Team Success Coach, shares her top tips and tricks to maximize your income all season long!

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

As a Team Success Coach here at FlipGive, I spend my days talking to all of our wonderful users. Usually they’re calling me for advice, but over the years they’ve taught me a few things too! I’ve compiled the absolute best tips and tricks employed by successful teams that are sure to earn your team thousands.

1. Introduce FlipGive to your team in the season kickoff meeting.
We’ve created this handy slide deck that outlines what FlipGive is and how it works. We recommend adding a little extra color with the following:

  • Clearly explain how you’ll be using the money you earn.
  • Explain your goal and what it means to each player.
  • Mention your team picks (i.e. the brands you know they’ll love!).

From there, either demonstrate a purchase or play this 30 sec. video so the team can see how easy it really is. Boom - you’re the team hero!

2. Get the team to download the app.
Have everyone whip out their phones and download the FlipGive app from the App Store or Google Play right then and there. Pro tip: Tell them to put it on the homepage of their phone so they are reminded to shop with FlipGive everytime they look at it.

3. Take advantage of the $5 first shop bonus.
Each team member that makes their first purchase within 14 days of joining receives a $5 bonus (that’s on top of regular cashback!). You could earn hundreds of dollars right off the bat by getting just some of the parents on your team to make at least one purchase!

4. Get the team to download Max.
FlipGive Max is a super helpful browser extension that sits quietly on your browser and reminds you to activate your cash back when browsing a participating retailer’s website. Never get that FOMO feeling again! Visit flipgive.com/max to download.

5. Organize a team bonding event.
Bring the team together for some bonding and earn while you’re at it! Team meal or parent kickoff night? Have each family buy a restaurant gift card. Heading to a tournament or competition? Have each family book their hotel or buy a gas gift card. Time to relax? Have each family buy a gift card for your local movie theater and treat the team to a group viewing!

6. Keep the team motivated throughout the season.
Provide regular updates on how much the team has earned and encourage some friendly competition by naming the top 3 players who have earned the most! It’s also a good idea to pass along exciting opportunities to earn even more, such as our Bonus Give Event or the holiday shopping season. Recruit a few parents who find early success with FlipGive and ask them to help you out with this.

7. Use all 3 FlipGive products together for ultimate earning potential.
FlipGive offers a whole suite of free tools to simplify team money management and lower team fees. Use them together to earn your team thousands and save countless hours.

An easy-to-use cashback app for teams.

A free team budgeting and payment solution.

Secure, no-fee team banking and cashback card.

We hope your team can use these tips to play more and spend less. As always, we’re here to help if you need any support. Book a free coaching call with us anytime.

Until next time,


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