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How To Run A Photo Booth Fundraiser

Dec 08 2017

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A photo booth fundraiser is a fun addition to any fundraising event you are hosting for your community, team, or school. This kind of fundraiser is pretty simple, and is relatively easy to put together. This kind of fundraiser is a great addition to other fundraising events like dances, school fairs, community galas, team banquets, or really any fundraising event where supporters want to capture the moment. 


Ways to set up your photo booth fundraiser

Setting up your photo booth fundraiser can be super simple, or kind of complicated. There are a few basics you need to make your photo booth work for your fundraiser. You’ll need:

-A camera that’s connected to wifi

-A backdrop for your photo booth. Make sure that it’s a solid color, so the people and the props in the photo don’t get lost. 


-A way of sending or printed photos for your supporters

- A tripod that holds your camera

- A volunteer to man your photo booth

-  A photo printer for your photos

- Photo holders


Get into a theme for your photo booth

If you’re raising money for something specific, like the school play or your football team, have the props for your photo booth reflect that! Making props for your photo booth fundraiser is super simple. Print out your team’s logo and other fun props in colours or shapes that match the theme of your fundraiser. 


Printing or sending photos

Depending on how you choose to conduct your fundraiser, you can have your photos emailed to your supporters, or print them out. If you’re going to print out your photos, make sure that you can handle the volume of photos being printed, and you have the right kind of paper for your photo booth fundraiser. 


How your fundraiser raises money

If your printing your photos, charge your supporters a fee for each photo. Make sure that you factor in the cost of your fundraiser. If you are not printing the photos from your fundraiser, invite supporters to donate in order to use your photo booth. 


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